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Hello you amazingly fabulous human and thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, seriously, thank you.

THANK YOU, for actually giving a FUCK!


That’s the number of websites and counting, that can be found on the world wide inter-webz. Somehow, out of millions, you have managed to find yourself here, on this page (or other pages on my blog), to read about me, my life, and how I am straight up, doing it! Ayyyy (The Fonz voice) get your freaky mind out of the gutter, ya sicko! What I mean is… I’m doing it–

I’m living–my–fucking–life. 

This is my blog about it all! So, really, thank you so much for visiting. Now, first things first, I’m sure you are wondering…





And ya know, sometimes you gotta ask yourself, who am I? Well…that’s a re-he-heeeally (Jim Carey voice) hard question to answer. I do think there are many people this day and age who try so excessively hard to be good at one thing, to find their niche. They spend a lot of time searching to find their true passion. I commend the ones that have found peace through their journey of self reflection and have connected and sourced what they feel is their true purpose on this floating rock. But, I’m not one of those people. Currently, I’m juggling, living a total dream life (to most people), all the while freaking out about getting my shit together and being a “proper” adult (what’s an adult?). I do feel that I’m on the right karmic path with my life, and that being said–when it comes down to it, I just gotta say 97.7% of the time,


So if I had to tell you about my passion, what I choose to do with my life and focus on, it would be everything you find on this blog. Ultimately, the word focus, is not in my vocabulary. I mean, if there is a task I need to complete, yes, I can of course focus on it, but as in focus, like… to do ONE THING, with my life foreverNOPE! I can not focus on one thing forever–even if you were bribing me with peanut butter ice cream smothered with melted peanut butter and covered with Reese’s peanut butter cups on top. (That’s pretty serious, because I obviously fucking love peanut butter!) So, although focusing on one thing is not my strongest forte, it does validate that I am however, skilled in many, many areas of life ranging from: 

  • being a loyal, caring, and understanding family member and friend

  • creating and designing just about anything and everything

  • providing exceptional customer service

  • traveling the world like a fuckin’ boss

  • popping soda cans and mini bottles 37,000 feet in the air

  • dancing at the most epic festivals the world has to offer

  • cooking fitness friendly meals that are fucking delicious

  • being an international tour guide and professional party freak of nature

  • getting angry about totally stupid shit that I shouldn’t be angry about

  • sitting around my house in my underwear and an oversized festival memorabilia t-shirt, holding a massive cup a coffee, while dicking around on the internet for hours.

Check, check, chickity-check to all of the above and so much more. At least I know, that no day of my life will ever be the same boring routine! I’m constantly learning something new, exploring a new city, creating some killer fashion, or procrastinating in my underwear. All equally important components of a balanced life. So, that being said…if I truly had to tell you who I really am, to sum up the few and far between, I describe myself as a:

Fine Artist/




Music Enthusiast/

Fest Head.

Fine Artist/Designer.

Fine Artist/Designer.

Ever since I can remember I have been a creative soul. When I was little and we moved into the house I grew up in, my parents we’re remodeling the kitchen and we had no wallpaper. Every day I’d draw a picture of my family as various different animals, and my Mom would hang it on the wall, until the entire kitchen was covered, and a permanent (more classy, less fun) solution came around. From there I took art classes in high school and excelled in painting and drawing. In 2005, I was excepted into The School of Visual Arts | New York, NY, University of the Arts | Philadelphia, PA, and William Paterson University | Wayne, NJ which is where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Media Design. I was obsessed with Flash Animation and Web Design, and created an entire interactive portfolio page of my upper level art (can not be viewed on smart phone device). To this day, it is still one of my favorite pieces of work that I’ve created!

Luckily, my flash animation skills ultimately lead to learning how to edit and cut video, something I wish I knew I was good at a long time ago. After I traveled to several countries and music festivals, I decided to start making travel and event videos to show everyone what it was like to be there. Recently, I have dabbled in designing festival fashion to wear at events. If there is one thing I could do every day for the rest of my life, it would be to manifest a creative outlet somehow in whatever I am doing for the day, especially if it was to be incorporated into the festival industry, that I am deeply intrigued by and love so very much.

I create fucking awesome shit. Anything from video edits, fine art paintings, festival fashion, custom accessories, and everything you see designed on this blog + more.



You know, never in my life did I think I’d be where I am now with traveling. I mean, like, never ever. Up until 2010, I was your stereo-typical American, completely clueless as to how the world works and all the different people there we’re in it. I had never really left the East Coast United States, let alone the New Jersey/New York City metropolitan area where I lived and grew up. I basically was taught to fear solo female travel (not by my family or anything like that, but essentially our society). I lacked all knowledge when it came to truly understanding what it meant to be a global citizen, to contribute to society, to laugh, share, and enjoy moments with complete strangers.

In 2008, I was a part of the Summer Art in China study abroad program my university offered. It provided me with so many amazing moments, delicious food, and mind blowing art and fashion. Yet, surprisingly enough, studying abroad in China and other little trips weren’t the life-changer for me. It was when I went to Miami in 2012, that, was the trip that changed my life! It was my first time traveling alone, as well as the first time attending a major music festival alone–and it is unreal what a positive experience it was and has since been! It made me realize what a beautiful world we live in and don’t take advantage of. It taught me to trust complete strangers, and continues to teach me something new every–single–day. I met some of the best people from around the globe, who taught me how to really travel, how to really connect with people, how to really fucking live. Each trip since has had a chain reaction of connections. Meeting new people has lead to new trips. New trips, lead to more opportunities…

After some time I realized I had to find a position that paid me to travel and go to events around the globe. In 2013, I applied and was offered to be a part time tour guide for Awake Tours, an Australian Tour Company that specializes in music festival and extreme event tours (Basically, we do cool shit and travel the world)! It has extended my knowledge of the travel and event industry greatly and brought on some great stories and deep-rooted friendships. Then, in 2015, I decided to become a flight attendant. It’s not always perfect, like many think it is, but the job has taught me how to let go of structure and throw plans out the window (both typically hard for me to do). It has taught me patience, and gratitude. Traveling while integrating the festival industry along with it, has become the biggest network I’ve ever been a part of, and proud to be a part of. I’ve established lifelong friendships with people all over the world, and have had new culture experiences. I intend to keep living the life I love, and loving the life I live, through my freedom of travel.

I fucking love to travel. I’ve stayed anywhere from hole in the wall hostels, to million dollar yachts, to cutesy Airbnb’s, or luxurious pent houses. I’ve couch surfed in a complete strangers home and live in a variety of major brand name hotels on a weekly basis.

Music Enthusiast/Fest Head.

Music Enthusiast/Fest Head.

You know when someone asks you, “What type of music do you like?” It’s the most basic, generic, dating question in the world today, and probably the lamest thing you can ever ask someone (but I’m so fucking guilty of doing it). Seriously though, why is that even a thing anymore? Luckily something semi positive I can grasp from my generation is the fact that we really do love all music, I mean really, we love all genres and don’t mind blending them and remixing them– we just truly enjoy it all from Classic Rock, Rap, Folk, Jazz, Blues, R & B, Techno, House, Soul, Jam, Metal, Country, Punk, fucking whatever right? Yup, well at least I lo-ov-ovvvve it all–total music enthusiast! So what happens when you take that, a massive variety of artists, and get them all together to throw a party together? Then add in a beautiful picturesque view or a new city to explore, a bunch of your favorite friends, some mind blowing creative interactive art, fucking delicious homemade street food, mayyyy-be some mind altering substances, thousands of complete strangers that become your family, hundreds of talented vendors, a shit ton of lazer beams, people dressing up, people loving themselves, I mean truly, deeply loving their life, feeling happy as fuck, dancing and getting down to some sick ass music beats? Welp, you get my favorite thing in the entire solar system besides the solar system–you get a music festival.

My goal is to go to as many music festivals as humanly possible (which is a shit ton) every year for as long as I am alive–total Fest Head. Not only do I want to go to them, I want to learn about them, contribute to them, and do anything I can to build, create, and spread love to anyone at a festival or within this beautiful industry. I have attended over twenty-five and counting music festivals, with many of them being repeated three to five consecutive years in a row. In addition, I have recently contributed to and talked on a panel at XLIVE in Las Vegas, one of the biggest festival conferences in North America.

I fucking love all music. Oh, and I really, really, I mean, for real–for realz– REALLY fucking love music festivals! You know how people are obsessed with unicorns, pineapples, puppies or cats, and avocado toast? Yeah–I’m on that level of obsession but with music festivals. I’ve even been a speaker at one of the biggest festival conferences in North America.


Believe it or not, I’m totally a home body and actually like to be home, and am content reading blogs or scrolling Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy with a scented candle burning. I rarely watch TV, but could go on a Back To The Future or Star Wars binge any day. I love to shop and have a massive collection of hats, heels and sneakers. I love to craft, decorate and create anything I put my mind to. I call it FIY–Fulfill. It. Yourself.


Fine Art
Film Editing
Fan Perspective Reviews
FIY (Fullfill it Yourself) Projects



I want this blog to be a go to site for travel destination advice, fan perspective festival content and reviews, videos, and photos. I want you to come here for everyday street style fashion or festival fashion ideas, FIY at home projects, fine art, fitness, food, and whatever F Word you may fancy. My main goal is to share my stories, advice, and experiences within the music festival, travel and tourism industry, with people who have the same interests as me, or perhaps want to have the same opportunities but make excuses to take advantage of them. I’m determined to live life to the fullest and inspire others to do the same!


I want something I can look back on, to see what I’ve truly accomplished. Obviously, I’m a social media guru. I’ve shared many of my life experiences through a status post, filtered picture, or hashtag like many others. Unfortunately, most of it has gotten lost in the mix. This is an outlet to explore all of what life has to offer, but also a chance to dig deep into myself and inspire others to do whatever the fuck they want with their life!


FESTIVAL PRESS: If you’re a festival producer or public relations manager for a festival or conference, I want to provide you with as much information and advice as possible, to help make your event the best it can be for you, your artists, your fans, and anyone involved. Let’s work together to create kick ass events!

FESTIVAL FASHION: If you are a designer or brand representative that makes sick, nasty, clothes and accessories you want me to wear–the answer is yes, I want to rep the fuck out of your brand!

Click here to work with me.


Don’t expect to see some sugarcoated writing because this is a public page. Freedom of speech, obsession with wanderlust, and self-expression is what you’ll find up in this bitch (pun intended). This is my outlet to be creative, exciting, and never lack the raw truth. I’m going to write about what I live for: Frequent Flying, Festivals, Fashion, Film, Featured–Food, Fitness, Fun, and whatever the Fuck I want! Because you know what…

Life’s too short to focus on one thing, enjoy the fuck out of it!

And that I’m so fucking proud to say is LIVING BY THE F WORD!

How do you live by the F! Word?

“Every minute you’re not dead, should be a minute spent enjoying the fuck out of life.”


  1. Sharima S. March 9, 2017 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Awesome page!!! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures😍😍😍

  2. Sal C. March 14, 2015 at 12:21 am - Reply

    Saw your GC video! Awesome! Can’t wait to go back. Thanks for that video. Just felt like we were back on the ship. P.S. Song selection is on point!

    • Jess AKA Poots March 17, 2015 at 3:41 am - Reply

      Hey Sal! Thank you so much for watching the GCXi video and taking the time to check out my blog! I’m glad you loved the video! Makes all the hard work worth it! I love that track too! Thank you!!!

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