SXM FESTIVAL: Rising Underground Party, Providing Luxurious Island Style Amenities

SXMusic Festival in St.Martin, is the newest sophisticated party for underground music enthusiasts and professional globe trotters. Debuting in March of last year, SXM provided some of the worlds best techno and house music DJ’s performing amongst the glamourous sandy beaches, tropical jungle foliage, and private mansion villas on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The fusion between hosting a festival within a luxurious vacation hotspot, caught the eye of close to 2,000 zealous festival goers, and I’m confident many more will be back in a couple weeks to dance, explore and connect in paradise for the second time around.  It honestly might be my best kept secret up until now.



For the avid festival goers, it’s come to the point where we just can not get enough of blending travel, music, and personal connections that bring us blissful utopia. So just when I thought another festival couldn’t emerge in the ever growing industry, SXM got thrown into the mix, and they didn’t disappoint with their inaugural debut. It’s the perfect offer for passionate and worldly festival seekers, especially those who enjoy comfort, luxury, and tropical get-aways. What the SXMusic Festival team has managed to do is create intimate parties, put forth a superior line-up, and provide an overly gracious amount of amenities and extra curricular’s for their thrill seeking guests to enjoy.


They’re coming in stronger then ever for their second year which will be held March 15 through 19 in 2017, with both new and improved venue locations, more transportation options, and a stellar line-up of both familiar and exceptional talent within the underground music industry. There is something here for new attendees or repeat offenders to keep busy, look forward to and take pleasure in around this happy little island.

sxm venue map

sxm transportation map

So what sets them apart from other destination festivals?

Why can I not wait to get back to their boutique Island Style event? Check out why I think they are standing out and rising to the top amongst the competition as an up and coming event. (As if reading all that wasn’t enough to make you buy a ticket immediately!)


For a brand new event on the horizon one thing I love about this festival is how organized and informed they are about their destination and all the information they provide for their attendees. Check out their website for any and all information pertaining to St. Martin, as well as their Facebook event page for the latest news. Don’t forget to RSVP!



I don’t know about you but I’ve been to some of the biggest, largest, festivals around the globe, but that doesn’t always mean they are the best! I personally prefer intimate settings where it is easy to meet and stay connected with new friends you’ve met, or meet up with friends that are meeting you. SXM Festival knows how to throw a party with intimate vibes, that’s for sure!



Passion and love shines through with this team and their event! They are there when you need help or have any questions and typically do their best to provide information that changes throughout the week. Even times where there were minor hiccups last year, the staff managed to pull through and put the attendees and their questions first, all with a smile on their face!



One of my favorite things I loved that the SXM team provided in their welcome brochure last year was their island travel guide, with suggestions, guidance, and knowledge of the island. Very rarely do you see festivals suggesting things to do that might take away from their event, but the team does a nice deed providing the attendees with activities, restaurants and more to use the islands resources to the best of their ability. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SXM TRAVEL GUIDE!


Don’t feel like searching for an AirBnB or being a ringleader for your friends that refuse to help find a place to sleep? No worries! SXM acts as a personal travel agency providing a concierge service to hook you and your friends up with the best possible villa and location on the island. Sit back and kick it while they do all the work, helping you get situated in a villa or featured hotel in prime locations near the festival venues. CLICK HERE FOR CONCIERGE SERVICE!


St. Martin offers plenty of private beaches to explore as well as near by islands to check off your living life list. ATV tours, helicopter tours, motorcycle tours and more are all listed on there site. CLICK HERE FOR TOURS!

Suns out, buns out at Kokomo Beach!

Plenty of water sports activities, yoga, horse riding, aerial sports, and must see’s of the island, for example, watching the planes land at Maho Beach,  are offered through SXM Festival Teams advice and research for discounted rates or even better for FREE! CLICK HERE FOR MUST DO LIST!

Watching planes come and MAHO BEACH

The team does a good job of outlining and making it clear on how to party properly (even if you’re a seasoned professional), it’s a good read and all outlined in their SAFETY GUIDE. They have also teamed up with EarPeace to provide you with limited edition SXM EarPeace set that provides the best hearing protection for SXM Festival! You can order it and scoop it up at festival check-in. CLICK HERE TO BUY SXM EARPLUGS!


With a lot of Jamaican, Dutch, and French influence on the island there is so much cultural food to find. I personally enjoyed locating small family owned stands that sold spicy Jamaican BBQ for $3-$5USD last year or cafes that made breakfast sandwiches on home baked baguettes. If you’re going out for a group dinner make sure you say “Island Style” to your server at the end of each meal and see if you get a free drink. Island Style is the official SXM Festival slogan – and a state of mind (duh!)

Plotting my day 2 adventure in SXM!


SXM Festival has a really awesome feature where you can update both your Facebook profile picture and cover photo with a tropical foliage of festival branding to show you are attending the 2017 event! You can also download the images to share on instagram, twitter, or wherever. Who wouldn’t want to brag about attending this beautiful music festival!? CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILE!

SXM Custom Cover Photo

Limited tickets are still available for this years event! You can purchase GA, VIP, Weekend or Day Passes! Get them before it’s too late!

To learn more about my first SXM Festival experience, you can read my write up from last year by CLICKING HERE!

Can not wait to get down ISLAND STYLE with the SXM Festival Family this year!

Photos on this post are a combination of PLANET POOTS and SXM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL MEDIA. All Rights Reserved.



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