New Horizons For 2nd Year Edition of SXM Festival in St. Martin!

The closer we get, the more excited I am to experience the second year edition of SXM Festival on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The duel sided Dutch and French island offers both local and rich culture, and is the perfect get away with plenty to explore. Host a festival with a heavy loaded techno and house music line-up to listen to, amongst the beaches, jungles, and villas of the island, and it becomes one of the best destination events you can attend!

Simpson Bay Saint Martin

SXM Festival takes place March 15- 19 this year with many well accredited acts on the line-up, including Black Coffee, Âme, Jamie Jones, Richie Hawtin and so many more! After providing us with Phase 2 of artists, further contributing to a fine-tuned lineup, the SXM team also announced, new venues, as well as improved transportation. The festival creates a unique destination experience for global dancers, hosting several parties held at  secluded white-sand beaches, private boat parties, as well as VIP Villa parties where attendees will be sure to enjoy a natural jungle setting while dancing to their favorite artists. Various parties will be taking place over the course of five sunsets and sunrises with much on the horizon to look forward to. Here’s what I’m personally looking forward to for the 2nd edition of the festival–and I’m sure there are many more hidden gems that will blow our minds this year!


Home of the main stage, this is the new secluded beach SXM globe trotters will be dancing in the sand, surrounded by crystal clear waters and jungle greenery. Seems legit? I think so!





Last year, I had recommended to the SXM team, in my review, that they look into water taxis to transport festival goers from certain venues. They’ve pulled through and added this feature which will alleviate the already crowded island traffic. They have set up this amenity and I’m hoping it works out to make transportation flow easier and better for everyone! Of course shuttle’s will be running around the clock on the island. Shuttles are 24 hours. Don’t forget to get your transportation pass!



Sky Beach was one of my favorite venues from the first ever SXM Festival last year. Loved everything about it and happy to see it return for this years event. You can read more about this venue and last years event by clicking here. Also excited to see some of my favorites on the line up return–Thugfucker, Francesca Lombardo, and Lee Burridge. Looking forward to many acts including Soul Clap, Nu, and many many more! SXM Festival just released line-ups for specific venues and artists for 2017–CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook page to plot your days, and plan a proper plan of action for the parties!



My favorite part of traveling especially to festivals is the network I’ve created from it all. To think I may not have ever met some amazing people if it weren’t for music and traveling! It has been confirmed by festival founder, Julian Prince, that this year SXM 2017 has sold tickets to attendees hailing from North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. “We can’t wait to welcome our global family to this magical island,” he says. ME TOO, JULIAN, ME TOO!!



SXM Festival has secured some venues that will be hosting free parties throughout the event. I think this is a great way to get the local community involved and provide up and coming artists and outlet to get noticed. Check out the festival map for these locations!

Tickets are still on sale for SXM Festival 2017–click here to purchase tickets!

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