FROM VIRGIN TO VETERAN| What Makes The Groove Cruise Family So Special? | [VIDEO]

The Groove Cruise is the largest floating dance music festival in the world. To everyone who has never gone, it is an adult playground full of theme parties, beach oasis retreats and the world’s best DJ’s with 3,000 party professionals along for the wild ride. Well, yes, it is that, but The Groove Cruise is an event that is so much more then it seems. Have you ever heard the quote, “From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, and from the inside looking out you can’t explain it”? That is the best, most straightforward way for me to interpret The Groove Cruise. I often find it hard to describe to people, and to be honest, that’s probably why I haven’t written about it until now. It’s special. Really special. That’s the best way to put it. It is with out a doubt, my absolute favorite festival. That says a lot, because I’ve attended some of the biggest, best festivals around the world. None of them compare to this place that I call home, with these people that I now consider family…

I’ve been sailing with Whet Travel, the South Florida based team that specializes in charter theme cruises, for almost 5 years now.  It feels like just yesterday I was a Virgin Groove Cruiser about to embark on this magical journey, completely clueless as to what I had just gotten myself into. What I do remember is total and complete acceptance before I personally met anyone. The facebook groups pre-cruise were thriving, and I felt as though I knew everyone for years, before even knowing them at all! Once I got on the boat, forget about it, it was a wrap. It didn’t matter if you were a Virgin or a Veteran. There was so much love. So much laughter. So many hilariously epic moments and memories created. I was hooked! Each Groove Cruise, is a completely different, unique experience, which is why I started making videos about them. The only constant change for me is the plethora of friends (#GCfam), that is growing bigger and bigger, year after year.

Groove Cruise Family

GC Family | Groove Cruise Miami 2015

Last year, January 2016, would have been my 5th consecutive Groove Cruise. I started a new job a month prior, and was relocated to Denver, unable to secure the days off for work. No Groove Cruise for me–I was gutted. The thought of missing out on seeing these people at our annual family reunion drove me nuts! There was no way I could not see these people off. I mean, these are people that I’ve cried tears of laughter with… over a caesar salad. These are people that I have met up around the world at events and partied with. These are people I’ve shared some of my deepest feelings with. These are the people that make me feel amazing, safe, and normal walking around in my underwear in front of strangers. These are people I’ve shared countless mornings dancing with feeding each other bacon strips. These are some of the best people in my life! So I last minute decided to fly down to Miami, for less than 24 hours, just to attend the Groove Cruise Pre-party. I didn’t tell anyone I was coming, and I recorded it all and made this video, showing how the Groove Cruise family, from Virgin to Veteran, why they and this festival are so special. A lot of people (non-GCer’s) didn’t understand why I would go there for these people for such a short amount of time. Well this is why…

  1. THE GROOVE CRUISE is a REALLY special event for me (and for MANY others).
  2. It is an event that introduced me to some of the best people and friends I’ve ever had in my life. Who in turn have now become family. (#GCfam)
  3. It is an event that introduced me to a lot of new, amazing, music and artists. These artists in turn are a big part of the family, which is why you see so many resident DJ’s on the line-up every year. (Just like us–they don’t want to miss it!)
  4. Just in case you didn’t understand 2-3, THE GROOVE CRUISE is a really, really awesome FAMILY of people.
  5. It is the event that got my blog going. #LivingByTheFWord
  6. This event helped me grow as a person.
  7. This event helped me grow as a professional within the festival industry.
  8. THE GROOVE CRUISE and GCfam is so, so, special to me. I’ve shared some of the best times, memories, and experiences (on and off the boat) with these people, which is why I showed up to the pre-party, recorded it all and made this video.

I think many Groove Cruisers, can relate to all of this!!

The GC artists featured in this video are: Anthony Attalla, Doc Brown, ScottyBoy, Cocodrills, Keith Christopher, Saeed Younan (You can catch them all on GC Miami! VIEW SET TIMES & MORE in this awesome post by my friends at EDM Identity!)

Other GC artists featured: Prok & Fitch, Coyu, Michael Woods, Funkagenda, & Ferry Corsten.

I’m so stoked to be back on this years

Groove Cruise Miami 2017 sailing from Miami to Grand Turk!!!

Now…let’s get SHIP-FACED,

and I’ll “SEA” you soon!



Jess AKA Poots

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