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Hey-yooo! I’m Jess!

I’m a born and raised New Jersey girl,

obsessed with finding the best places to

explore, party, and enjoy life around the world!

I’m “Living By the F-Word!”



  • New Horizons For 2nd Year Edition of SXM Festival in St. Martin!

    The closer we get, the more excited I am to experience the second year edition of SXM Festival on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The duel sided Dutch and French island offers both local and rich culture, and is the perfect get away with plenty to explore. Host a festival with a heavy loaded techno and house music line-up to listen to, amongst the beaches, jungles, and villas of the island, and it becomes one of the best destination events you can attend! SXM Festival takes place March 15- 19 this year with many well accredited acts on the line-up, including Black Coffee, Âme, Jamie Jones, Richie Hawtin and so many more! After providing us with Phase 2 of artists, further contributing to a fine-tuned lineup, the SXM team also announced, new venues, as well as improved transportation. The festival creates a unique destination experience for global dancers, hosting several parties held at  secluded white-sand beaches, private boat parties, as well as VIP Villa parties where attendees will be sure to enjoy a natural jungle setting while dancing to their favorite artists. Various parties will be taking place over the course of five sunsets and sunrises with much on the horizon to look forward to. Here's what I'm personally looking forward to for the 2nd edition of the festival--and I'm sure there are many more hidden gems that will blow our minds this year! HAPPY BAY--BEACH PARTYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK0yRN5_jIwHome of the main stage, this is the new secluded beach SXM globe trotters will be dancing in the sand, surrounded by [...]


    SXM FESTIVAL: Rising Underground Party, Providing Luxurious Island Style Amenities

    SXMusic Festival in St.Martin, is the newest sophisticated party for underground music enthusiasts and professional globe trotters. Debuting in March of last year, SXM provided some of the worlds best techno and house music DJ's performing amongst the glamourous sandy beaches, tropical jungle foliage, and private mansion villas on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The fusion between hosting a festival within a luxurious vacation hotspot, caught the eye of close to 2,000 zealous festival goers, and I'm confident many more will be back in a couple weeks to dance, explore and connect in paradise for the second time around.  It honestly might be my best kept secret up until now. For the avid festival goers, it's come to the point where we just can not get enough of blending travel, music, and personal connections that bring us blissful utopia. So just when I thought another festival couldn't emerge in the ever growing industry, SXM got thrown into the mix, and they didn't disappoint with their inaugural debut. It's the perfect offer for passionate and worldly festival seekers, especially those who enjoy comfort, luxury, and tropical get-aways. What the SXMusic Festival team has managed to do is create intimate parties, put forth a superior line-up, and provide an overly gracious amount of amenities and extra curricular's for their thrill seeking guests to enjoy. They're coming in stronger then ever for their second year which will be held March 15 through 19 in 2017, with both new and improved venue locations, more [...]

  • FROM VIRGIN TO VETERAN| What Makes The Groove Cruise Family So Special? | [VIDEO]

    The Groove Cruise is the largest floating dance music festival in the world. To everyone who has never gone, it is an adult playground full of theme parties, beach oasis retreats and the world's best DJ's with 3,000 party professionals along for the wild ride. Well, yes, it is that, but The Groove Cruise is an event that is so much more then it seems. Have you ever heard the quote, "From the outside looking in you can't understand it, and from the inside looking out you can't explain it"? That is the best, most straightforward way for me to interpret The Groove Cruise. I often find it hard to describe to people, and to be honest, that's probably why I haven't written about it until now. It's special. Really special. That's the best way to put it. It is with out a doubt, my absolute favorite festival. That says a lot, because I've attended some of the biggest, best festivals around the world. None of them compare to this place that I call home, with these people that I now consider family... I've been sailing with Whet Travel, the South Florida based team that specializes in charter theme cruises, for almost 5 years now.  It feels like just yesterday I was a Virgin Groove Cruiser about to embark on this magical journey, completely clueless as to what I had just gotten myself into. What I do remember is total and complete acceptance before I personally met anyone. The facebook groups pre-cruise were thriving, and [...]

  • Becoming A Burner-PART 1

    Getting myself to Burning Man has been a dream of mine for well over half a decade. Some might question, why? Why would you want to live and try to survive in the desert, a place that essentially wants to kill you and everything your bring to it, for over a week? Why would you want to solely rely only on yourself and your resources to withstand its terrain? Does that really sound like a DREAM? Let me tell you something, it IS. Burning Man is a dream that crosses reality. It's hard to imagine that this is a place that really exists. A 9.5 square mile radius city, that appears for one week, where anything and everything is possible, and then...it disappears. What consists of anything and everything? Perhaps it is a party where you are listening to music, lounging in a camp made up of hundreds of giant plush teddy bears. Maybe you're cruising on your bike, watching a pirate ship float by on sand in the middle of no where. How about a theme camp where they play The String Cheese Incident live, while serving you gooey grilled cheese with a side of Sriracha sauce. For all one knows, you might enter a "human car wash", where over 1,000 naked people are dancing around a giant tree of life, getting their naked bodies foamed and doused in water, while Allyson and Alex Grey live paint a brilliant mural painting... Black Rock City, NV, USA Maybe-- just maybe--that all [...]

  • A Sign For The Freethinkers

    This picture was in no way the one I expected to share first with you all, but my first journey to Black Rock City was not what I expected either, so this is pretty fitting. I want to thank all of you who have reached out, eager to hear my stories, see my pictures, and learn about this mysterious city I have been trying to explore for well over half a decade. It has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I finally made it a reality. The art theme for this year's Burning Man was "Da Vinci's Workshop". Leonardo da Vinci who is easily one of the world's most talented painters, had concentrations in all forms of art, was a genius inventor, engineer, a Renaissance Man, one of the most creative men in history. His interests were not limited to one thing. People often say if he had concentrated on one of his many talents he would have accomplished far more than he already did. I can relate. I am skilled with so many things, it is hard for me to focus. I'm constantly painting, designing clothes, writing, editing videos, crafting, dabbling in interior design, learning and teaching myself whatever it may be from sewing to web coding, that way I have multiple skills, not just one. I often wish I had 500 of me to accomplish everything I want to do. A lot of times I think about focusing on just one thing, and wonder [...]


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